Kitchen Blinds: The Pros and Cons of buying Roman and Roller Blinds for your Kitchen

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Roman blinds and roller blinds are remarkably similar in terms of what they bring to the home. Both are designed to add depth and dimension to the room, enable the homeowners to effectively and efficiently control light levels in the room, and create a smooth, streamlined look when fully open. However, there are many differences between the two kitchen blinds which mean that one style may fit our needs and our preferences better. Here are the pros and cons of both styles:

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are often made of plain or patterned fabric (sometimes even bamboo) and can be pulled down from the top of the window frame to cover all or part of the window depending on requirements.

Roman blinds
Roman blinds can be made with an interlining which is extra lining between the ordinary lining and the fabric to give the blind a fuller look which in turn creates a more sumptuous window dressing.


Made from fabric, Roman kitchen blinds can often be lined to the desired thickness. Therefore, these blinds can provide as much coverage as necessary based on how much sunlight you typically receive when you’re most likely to be cooking, eating, or socialising.
The Roman blind has yet to meet a kitchen it doesn’t suit. It can be made from fabrics to suit its surroundings, regardless of whether you have a very traditional, farmhouse-style kitchen or have decided on a very modern, minimalist look. It can also make your window appear larger.
If you’re a night owl, Roman blinds can help you keep the noise down during those late-night hours. The quiet, smooth mechanism ensures that you can open and close the blinds silently, without disrupting sounds that might wake the family up if you’re up and about at night.


We like having a great deal of control over our surroundings, yet this style of blind doesn’t really allow for this. The blind can either be open or closed, unlike vertical kitchen blinds that have a bit more scope. With Roman blinds, it’s black and white, with very little grey area between.

There’s one very big issue with fabrics in kitchens – they tend to pick up any strong, lingering smells such as raw onion or fish, for example. Fortunately, common fabrics such as cotton can easily be washed, but this increases the maintenance needed to keep them fresh and clean.

Roller Blinds

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Roller blinds are smart and simple: they cover kitchen windows with a single piece of fabric that can be rolled up on a sunny day or rolled down to provide shade and privacy. If you use your window sill for storage, you can adjust your blind to create the space you need.


Since they come in a variety of materials, styles, textures, colours, and designs, these blinds are an extremely versatile choice for that chic modern apartment or that small beach house. While bamboo can bring the beauty and warmth of wood into your home, a fabric can bring a contemporary look and style to your kitchen. Modern roller blinds are extremely practical as they are easy to raise and lower and allowing you to add as much light as you wish to a room. Some roller blinds are motorised which makes controlling light from those hard to reach windows as simple as pushing a button.


Most if not all roller blinds are quite contemporary and are thus not appropriate for those old Victorian homes. This is especially pronounced if the homeowner wants to maintain that historical and old look. To keep up with the kind of aesthetics that such homes require, it is usually advisable to use shutters and blinds.

Depending on the kind of material used in making the blinds; it is important to have the blind specially cleaned. There are some blinds that must be specially cleaned altogether; this may add to the maintenance cost of the entire window treatment option.

The mechanisms used, be they ratchet based or electronic do have parts that can fail and may need replacement or cleaning from time to time. In the unfortunate instance that some of the parts cannot be found and replaced; then the entire set of roller blinds may have to be removed and replaced with a new set.


Which Kitchen Blinds are Best?

Unfortunately, that’s a difficult question to answer. ‘Best’, in this instance, is very much subjective. As we can see both styles of blind have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, so what it comes down to is your own personal preferences in terms of materials, light filtering, and privacy.


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