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As compared to your home (which is private and intimate), the office environment will be very different. The office is a professional space where productivity and concentration is key. The office would need a lot less of style and comfort, but instead should be simpler and precise. That being said, one does not have to completely sacrifice style. After all your clients and business partners need to be impressed by your office décor in order to leave a good first impression.

Buying Office Blinds Online

Before purchasing blinds for your office, the questions you need to ask yourself are very different from the ones you would ask yourself for your home fitting.

  • What colours are more professional?
  • Would I need to colour code the blinds according to the colours of our brand?
  • Would my office need to be fitted with a more robust material in order for the heavy-duty use?


White Office Blinds - Premium Blinds
A bright and open office space will have an uplifting effect on the moods of your employees

Let’s start on s small to medium scale company. The office space is not usually very big and some office building has very little windows. In this case, you would not fit on heavy sets of blinds. A bright and open office space (especially one with many people) will have an uplifting effect on the moods of your employees, thus, increasing productivity. Our suggestion is silver or white aluminium blinds. The colour is scheme is clean and is a neutral palette suitable for a professional environment.

Moving on to the bigger corporate office, the environment is again very different to a small company. One would expect a much faster work pace and stressful atmosphere. Therefore, it is vital for the office décor to be comforting but at the same time remain strictly professional. Our suggestion is the vertical blinds. It is the epitome of functionality and is the best no-fuss option for any professional space. It presents a different aesthetic as compared to the venetian blinds and can prove to be a nice surprise.

For private offices of higher up management in big corporations, one would expect a more luxurious design scheme. It would not be advised to use aluminium or vertical blinds as they cannot enhance the high-end style. We recommend solid wood blinds in a steady classic colour such as mahogany.

In terms of the colour choice of your office blinds, many companies are opting to incorporate their company colours into the office décor. For example, Google has practically colour coded their entire building and has really established their trademark style. That being said, we still suggest that you adhere to a simple colour scheme that doesn’t draw too much attention. Our favourite colours for the office range from a light beige to a medium brown to a grey hue.

Lastly, let’s not forget the home office. This is an entirely different scenario to an office building. The style should be comfortable (after all it is still a part of your home) but at the same time functional. The blinds can be complete to our own liking, and can even match the blinds from the rest of your home. We think a set of plaswood blinds will be suitable and economical.

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Modern Office Blinds - Premium Blinds
Robust, practical and modern, these blinds make a smart and sophisticated addition to any office.