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If you’ve ever wanted to impress your friends with your beautiful home, then living room décor should be your first priority. It is the first place they will see as they walk in, and will spend most of their time there. Therefore, we will be sure to help you find a set of blinds that show off your style and amaze your guests.

50mm Basswood Blinds
White 50mm Basswood Blinds bring warmth to any room.

To begin with, there should be a few questions to ask yourself. What do you want the balance to be between functionality and style? Should you make the blinds formal or casual? How much light do you want to let in? What material is affordable to you? Once you have these basic questions answered, you can be on your way to finding your perfect blinds.

We can safely bet that the living room blinds are one of the most used blinds in the house due to them being a public area. Your family and friends will be constantly pulling it up and down (as compared to the bathroom for example, where the blinds will most of the time remain shut). Therefore, functionality and quality are important factors. You would be considering a robust material such as styro / plaswood. It is durable and will not warp as solid wood blinds might. Our styro / plaswood blinds come in a variety of colours and wood imitation patterns to complement your living room furniture. The small price tag is another added advantage.

However, if your living room style is more modern and chic as opposed to classic and timeless, plaswood / styro might be too heavy for the entire ambience. In this case, we would recommend a set of aluminium blinds. The general appearance will be airier and lighter. It will be a good option for style-conscious young homeowners that love the contemporary atmosphere.

50mm Alluminium Blinds
White 50mm Aluminium Blinds are sleek and efficient.

In most cases, our clients usually prefer a bright living room as compared to the dark and dingy feel. One way to accentuate the sunlight is to have a slightly reflective set of blinds in a light colour. There are two ways to go about colour coding your blinds. Either you match your blinds to the colour of your furniture, or you can pick a neutral colour that compliments anything. For a bright living room, we recommend the neutral colour option in aluminium or alu-wood.

Aside from windows, your living room will most likely also have a sliding door that leads to the garden or balcony. It will also most likely be the biggest glass structure in your whole house. Therefore, it is really important for your sliding door to flow into your home’s entire design scheme. We would recommend a set of vertical blinds in a slightly darker colour compared to your window blinds (or a completely different colour scheme if you are feeling adventurous). This is to create a slight contrast in your décor and possibly make the blinds a design feature that draws your eyes.