Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen, scullery and laundry room

If you ever had to decide on the busiest place in your house, where would it be? We would definitely say the general kitchen area. It is the one place in your house where you do the most work. In any other area in the house you would probably be quite relaxed and calm, but not the kitchen. The kitchen is where you cook dinner every night whilst the washing machine is on and your children are running around looking for snacks.

Therefore, the kitchen (and this includes the scullery and laundry areas) will need robust sets of blinds that can really with stand the test of time. The blinds need to be functional, but at the same time you don’t want to compromise on the style. Our recommendation is plaswood in a light colour.

Due to the kitchen being such a busy area full of steam, scents and oils, many people like their kitchen décor to be light and airy to counter-act some of that business. Having a set of light-coloured blinds can definitely lift some of that heaviness. At the same time, a neutral colour will also not clash with the colour of your cupboards and fittings.

Another big issue with the kitchen is that it is prone to get dirty very quickly. This is again due to the oils and steam from your cooking or from the water splattered from your sink. This means that you would need to clean your blinds very often to keep them looking new. We understand that you would not want to spend an excessive amount of time on blind maintenance, that’s why we recommend blinds with wider slats (typically 50mm) which makes them easier to wipe off.

50mm Basswood Blinds
Basswood to suite any room.

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with a large beautiful window (or a few of them), you can even go for our PVC shutters. These shutters have wider slats which makes them even easier to clean and requires minimum maintenance. Furthermore, these shutters are impervious to moisture, will not crack, split or warp, and is easy to clean. Thus, making them perfect for the kitchen.

Another option in the shutters category is the security shutters. Most of the time, your kitchen probably faces the front of the house/apartment. Many house break-ins happen through smashing a kitchen window. Therefore, having a set of security shutters can definitely help safe guard your home against intruders and burglars. This is the added benefit of having a beautiful window covering.

We have seen many kitchens with fabric roller blinds. Whilst they are stylish when new, these blinds tend to easily stain and cannot be wiped off with a wet cloth. The washing and drying process is tedious, and you would not want to mount and dismount it all the time. Therefore, if you prefer roller blinds in your kitchen, we strongly recommend bamboo rollers which are easier to clean as well as more difficult to see any stains.

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