Dining Room Blinds

In many homes, the dining room has become a place for showing-off. The reason being that most families now eat in front of the TV or has a smaller table (or counter) in the kitchen to eat at. The dining room is mostly used when you entertain guests for a dinner party. In this case, what you would be looking for is to impress your guests with either luxury or with comfort.

Silver 25mm Aluminium Blinds
Silver 25mm Aluminium Blinds cost effective and sleek looking.

The first question to ask yourself before ordering blinds for your dining room is would you like the colour scheme to match your furniture. Needless to say, your dining table is one of the biggest (and probably one of the most expensive) pieces of furniture in your home. Should you have opted for a classic solid wood dining table, we would recommend basswood blinds to complement the luxury style. It is perhaps best to choose something that has a similar hue but one shade lighter. This is due to the fact that solid wood furniture can sometimes be too heavy, therefore the lighter blinds would be able to lift the density to give the perfect ambience.

For those of you who prefer the more modern look, you might opt for a glass dining table. To compliment that style, we recommend a chic set of aluminium blinds. We offer aluminium blinds in 50mm or 25mm varieties and they come in a vast range of colour palettes. This allows you to pair your blinds with the colour scheme of your table settings. Aside from being stylish, these blinds are also functional and user-friendly. For a non-user intensive area like the dining room, all it needs is a light dusting once in a while.

If you prefer comfort over style in your dining room, we would recommend panel blinds. These blinds offer a perfect floor to ceiling covering that look amazing on large windows. Due to the big panels, they have fewer slats and therefore less clutter. This means that the panel blinds will help your dining room look bigger than it actually is. Aside from the aesthetics, they are also highly functional. The panels are insanely easy to clean and are made from a sturdy lasting material. these blinds are perfect for both modern and traditional homes.

For the ultimate comfort and sense of serenity, we present you the bamboo roller blinds. Bamboo has always been known as one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It grows faster than wood and uses far less water to do so. Bamboo has always been associated with tranquillity and peace. The bamboo rollers will, therefore, give your dining room a comforting and relaxed ambience. Additionally, bamboo blinds are robust and can withstand the test of time. If you are not a fan of roller blinds, our bamboo range also comes in the venetian style.

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