Bathroom Blinds

Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is a high demand area in your home full of steam, moisture, and condensation. However, the difference lies in the fact that they do not need to be opened as much as the kitchen ones. For obvious privacy reasons, your bathroom blinds need to be closed most of the time.

Many people opt for the aluminium blinds as the style and colours can complement the crisp tiles mostly used in bathrooms. In addition to the style, aluminium is also less likely to sustain heat and water damage. As compared to wooden blinds that will warp or crack, aluminium presents a better resistance to potential impairments.

50mm Styro Blinds
White 50mm Styro Blinds create beauty and warmth and offer good privacy, light control and energy efficiency.

If you still prefer the luxury style of wood, our range of alu-wood blinds offer a wide variety of choices. Aluwood Blinds is actually aluminium in the guise of wood. There is no fancy chemical makeup going on here. Simply put, aluwood is aluminium dressed in wood’s clothing. Alu-wood comes with the same benefits as normal aluminium blinds. It is perfect for those style conscious home owners that desire to choose from a wider range of patterns and colours instead of the monochromatic basic aluminium.

Furthermore, if our alu-wood blinds still don not satisfy your need of luxury, then we present to you the Styro / plaswood blinds. Styro / Plaswood is a synthetic material that combines wood with plastic. Just like the alu-wood, it is heat, moisture, and steam resistant. It doesn’t warp or crack and will last many years without looking tattered.

The styro / plaswood is not only plastic in the disguise of wood, it actually looks like real wood. If you are not a fan of aluminium, plaswood would be your best choice. It comes in a range of hues from light to dark. To compliment neutral tiles, we would suggest a set of plaswood / Styro blinds in Eggshell or White Wash. For those who prefer more contrasting colours to bring out some boldness, our Walnut or Cherry hues will definitely enhance the design scheme. For that modern chic bathroom, the Imbuia or Taupe hues will be an art piece on their own.

As an expert in the industry, Premium Blinds understand the necessity of choices. Therefore, we would like to offer a third option for your bathrooms: the roller blinds. Our roller blinds come in a variety of earthy colours that are perfect for a rustic styled bathroom. The fabrics are refreshing and will brighten up the otherwise dullness of bathroom tiles.