Shop for Blinds By Room

Each individual room in a home require different types of window blinds. The right blinds can offer privacy, filter sunlight, and add style to any space for years to come.

As an example, bathrooms demand blinds that allow for privacy and offer resistance to moisture. Bedrooms may require blinds that offer privacy, but does not need to be as robust as the bathroom blinds. Offices on the other hand need a product that permits a great deal of natural light. Additionally, frequently used family rooms and children’s rooms may require a set of very durable window blind.

Prior to deciding on a set of blinds, it is important to consider points such as the views through a window, the type of light that enters, and where the windows are located in the room. Windows positioned for a beautiful, scenic view demand a style of blinds that fully opens and closes, such as vertical blinds or a lightweight horizontal blind, while a small kitchen window above the sink or one placed very high may not require blinds at all.

Many home decor companies will schedule appointments to measure your windows, however, this will require a home visit and you will most likely be charged a service fee. At Premium Blinds, you will receive an instant quote online for your custom made blind. Additionally, these custom blinds are made to your exact specifications and will be ready in 3 days. The current industry standard for manufacturing custom blinds is two to three weeks!

Armed with your window measurements, you should choose the blinds based on both their purpose and the decor of the room:

Wooden blinds are  the more popular option for living rooms, giving the elegance and style the room deserves. You should consider the uniformity at the front of your property. For example, if you have wooden blinds in the upstairs bedrooms, then the living room window below should reflect the same style.

Bathrooms and Kitchens vary tremendously; a few key considerations can help to narrow down what makes the most sense. Aluminium Blinds, Fauxwood or Plaswood Blinds are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom areas as they are robust, easy to maintain and are less affected by heat and moisture.

Your choice of window treatments for your bedrooms are important in decorating and creating a comfortable environment for a peaceful sleep. Our privacy blinds hold the best options for your bedrooms. Blockout roller blinds are the most popular choices, so are Roman blinds, Wooden blinds and Venetian blinds and they all have superior privacy when required as well as easy light control.

Research all of the options available to you. Choose Premium Blinds and select from our stunning collection of custom blinds. Available in the latest designs and styles at affordable prices.